Hotel Inspection

Ok folks this will be my first hotel inspection so any advice is well received. It is a 40 room quality Inn.

Paul Hope
Hopes HOme Inspection:(

What’s your location

You will not be able to get into all the rooms. Make sure your client knows this. The only way you could ever get into all the rooms is with multiple trips. Also make sure your client knows you are not inspecting furniture etc. Know your ADA requirements and defer to proper code people for them.

I have found that a hotel inspection works really good with two inspectors. You can get in and out of a room faster.

…especially with bugs around.

Hi Paul

I have inspected numerous Hotels, like James said have a couple guys is the way to go, their simple and the money is good. Make sure you have access to the rooms as soon as the occupants are gone…I had a house Walkie-Talkie and Door Card on the last one, when someone checked out we went to the room, I had three other inspectors with me. 60 Units took all day, next day for the report.

Their basically ditto, caulk at Tubs, loose Toilets, clean the Return Air Filter in the Wall A/C…etc.

Last Holiday Inn I inspected I believe I charged $.25.00 per foot.

If you are not an ADA expert, I would disclaim it clearly.

If you do take on the ADA evaluation, be sure your E&O covers it. Most HI policies do not cover ADA because by definition it is a code inspection.