Hotels in Vegas

When you register for your hotels in Vegas make sure of what they offer as services. I was in Vegas this last weekend and stayed at the Venetian Hotel. I went to the front desk and requested an ambulance and was refused. I had to ask one of the vendors in the lobby to call me an ambulance. Needless to say I do NOT recommend the Venetian Hotel.

Henry, That is absolutely deplorable! I sure hope every thing is ok now - health wise. I assume if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be posting.

I would suspect that it was not a hotel policy but rather just a ignorant employee with no respect for others. Someone like that should not be working in the hotel service industry.

You should concider writting a letter to the Hotel manager. Be sure to let him know that several hundred of you NACHI buddies will be looking for accomodations in Vegas next year.

No its evadentally there policy because after i signed myself out of the hospital my wife called and asked for a courtesy van to pick us up at the hospital we were again told no.

The Wife sent a nasty letter yesterday. They don’t take complaints at the hotel. You have to do it on line. We haven’t had a response back yet.

Hi Hank,

I cannot believe that a hotel (or anywhere else for that matter) would refuse to call an ambulance if requested, that is totaly unacceptable.

I hope you’re feeling OK



They just don’t want those high rollers to leave. They want every dime you have before you pass away.

Glad to hear that you are doing better.

Definately not a good sign.

I’m glad you appear okay but…

that is shocking…so I emailed my dismay.

You should also contact the news media as I’m sure their refusal to aid someone in need of immediate medical attention at their public establishment is probably illegal or should be! Not to mention immoral. There are good Samaritan laws to protect people who fear of getting “involved” usually in rendering aid to an injured person or stopping at a car accident scene. How hard is it to friggin dial 911 and give them your location anyways,… holy crap.

Im waiting to see if i get a response back from them. so far its been just over 24 hrs. since the wife filed the compliant. They better be happy that i was not able to complain while i was there. If the DR. fixes me up before the ITA conference and i can go there will be hello to pay. Im just not a nice person when im mad.