Houma & Thibodaux LA

Looking for any general info regarding this area of Louisianna. Not necessarily there as tourist - but as Architecture Program volunteers for our local chapter of Windsor-Essex (Ontario) Habitat. We (a college techie group) are going down as Habitat volunteers to assemble 4 to 6 homes for Habitat Canada. We are shipping the pre-framing systems down in August. Likely will be returning with a bus load of our students to build more in the fall. :cool:

This is right in the heart of Cajun Louisianna. The people are super friendly and the french they speak is, in a word, unusual. I have spent many a day in this part of La. and I can tell you that they are a very unassuming people. The area itself is typical Louisianna bayou country, hot and sticky, and it doesn’t cool down a whole lot in the evenings. The food is absolutly sensational. I have found that the little hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best food and the best deals. You and your gang will have a great time there if you let the locals take you out for the nite life. Claude, you are going to have a great time if you let yourself.

Thanks, been to N’awlins a half dozen times. We sort of figured very hot and sticky as being the typical modus operandi for that time of the year, hopefully less another hurricane!

Certainly there is more than plenty of work still awaiting volunteers down there in helping families and people down there.