Hourly wage

I’m helping a licensed home inspector this summer. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on what I should expect as far as pay? I don’t have a license yet.


Well, you haven’t told us squat about you and your qualifications, so… “Minimum wage”.
Now, if you actually have experience or qualifications that you are bringing to the table, and are doing more than carrying his bag around, then… “more than Minumum Wage” unless your new “Employer” is a total richard!

Whatever he’s willing to pay and whatever you’re willing to work for.

Why are you asking us? The only person who can answer that question is the person who’s willing to pay you. Besides, any answer would vary highly due to different locations.

One million dollars.

Has anyone else tried to spit coffee out of their nose? :smiley:

I feel that is an honest question.
Since you’re new at this game and in the learning phase. Don’t expect much but learn all you can. And that would be worth more than $20 plus an hour.
I don’t work less then $100 an hour. But I’m a master inspector like most of us here.
We started out with nothing and worked out way up the food chain. To be where we are today. Enjoy The Learning Experience and enjoy what pay you get.
And thank the inspector for allowing you to be there. Cuz he didn’t have to do it.

You assume an awful lot.
You know damned well, especially since you are in Florida, that many inspectors only charge $20 an hour overall!

I agree with Roy. Just getting a seasoned hand to mess with you at all makes you lucky. I would take the offer even if it was minimum wage. Make sure you like it and learn as much as possible. Im lucky to have a few old hands that let me ride along with them. They dont pay me squat but more importantly they dont charge me for the training.

Take what ever is offered.
Prove your worth to get more.
You’ll know when you are underpaid.

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