Hours of operation

I recieved a call for an inspection quote at 11PM last night and then at 6:30 AM this morning.

I answer my own phones as I like the one on one with the client.

I no RR is up at all hours and this is not a problem or concern with him.

If you needed a doctor, dentist, auto mechanic or plumber you would never get a person at this time. Only emergency service.

I have hours of operation from 7 am to 9 PM.

How would you respond to these calls?

I know this type of client price shopping from the yellow pages.

If they work an irregular shift call during a break or lunch.

I would never call a service person at these times.

It depends on how alert im feeling. I have voice mail. RR has a pretty good suggestion for voice mail.

I have an answering machine with caller ID. Our office is open from 8am to 6pm M-F.

Fortunately, in a small town we rarely receive calls on the weekend, or after 5pm.

Answer the phone, ask them to send you information on the property in the morning and you will get back to them.

“I just sut off my computer!”
AKA: Do you know what time it is!?

I would not complain , there is none or very little work here in florida!

regarding post #2 could you point me in the right direction to RR suggestions for voice mail. Previous posts?

I have booked many jobs both residential and commercial after midnight. Some folks are up surfing the net and find my web page and see some thing they like. Most of the time they are calling to leave a message for you to call them first thing in the morning. They are not expecting someone to answer. But if you do you normally get the job.
( The wife hates when i am in bed and talking on the phone )


I dont know where you are, but it sure is busy down here in Miami

I too have surprised a caller** or 12** (who openly apologize for calling so late) when they only planned to leave a message.

My wife hates it too… me talking on the phone in bed…:mrgreen:

Yea, that’s what it is about mostly.
They just want to get a jump on things and don’t expect anyone to answer the phone.

If you want the work, “Answer the Phone”! :wink:

Rodney Dangerfield talked of that.

He said that his wife loved to talk dirty to him during sex. Sometimes, she would call him from a hotel in the middle of the night…:smiley: