'House as a System' Course

Research & Writing Assignment:

This illustration shows venting into a chimney. Two appliances are vented into the chimney. The larger vent should connect to the chimney below the smaller appliance. Improper venting and vent sealing at the joint can propagate leakage and compromise the ‘tightness’ of the house as a system.

Inspection & Writing Assignment:

This is a bathroom vent that is venting inside of an attic space. This is not properly vented to the exterior which can cause an excessive amount of moisture to develop inside the attic which can lead to mold and deterioration.

Research & Writing Assignment:

I chose Air Quality In A Home article. After reading this article it makes you realize that your indoor air quality is very dependent on whats going on inside your home. Things like house plants, improperly vented appliances etc… can a major impact.

The slide on pipe and wire bypasses has a great photo of a poorly insulated pipe coming in to an attic. But all the information on the slide deals with chimney chases and does not address pipe or wire bypasses at all. I hope I pick op more knowldege on properly insulating pipe and wier entries into attic spaces.

I am looking forward to completing this course.

I was collecting the logos for my website and realized I hadn’t finished all the courses for Home Energy Inspector. This course should be interesting.

Question to Instructor

The section titled: Sealed Chimney Bypass

The red line between the chimney and the metal air barrier is high-temperature caulk, which is required by code.
The underside of the metal is caulked to the ceiling framing

The left photo shows a flashing around the block fireplace chimney and the comment below says high-temp caulking is code required. What is a sealed chimney bypass ? Is this something we should be looking for ?

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Excited to take this course, I always seem to learn so much.

I’m looking forward to taking the house as a system course.

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