House built in 1971 - Do these ducts look like they contain asbestos ?

Interesting link.

I guess it’s time to start posting the SOP all over the place again.

I’m not going to point out the pertinent for verbiage for this particular issue, maybe reading the whole thing again will reside in our short-term memory a little longer.

Whenever you guys get these questions, how about looking at the standards of practice and the code of ethics and ponder the situation and try to understand what standards are trying to do.

As far as asbestos goes it is specifically addressed. It is also a part of many state laws that you are forbidden to even discuss it because you’re not qualified in the first place.

If you recommend testing and it turns out that it is not, as far as I’m concerned the home inspector can pay for the service. Why? You don’t know what it is, you can’t be expected to know what it is, you’re not supposed to be talking about it and you were wrong!

If you think that it looks like asbestos, report that you think it looks like asbestos, you are not allowed or qualified to assess any further. There is no test that you’re qualified to perform to determine the answer. The buyer then gets to decide whether or not they want testing, if they want removed, or they don’t want to buy the house!

Again, if we go back to the standards of practice, the cause for the need of repair or replacement of any system or component is not required.

The answers are all there, you just have to read them.