House built in 1979??

Had an interesting inspection yesterday.

House was built in 1979 but in a crawl I could not get to the foundation was very old field stone indicating portions of the foundation were 100+ years old.

The Realtor was explaining the history of the property and surrounding areas and house was built with portions of the original older structure.

This crawl was not accessible and the ones I was in had some issues, the layer of dryer lint was a nice cushion on a 20 degree day but not the best place to terminate the dryer. Crawl had several issues that I am sure you can see in pic(s). Is dryer lint an acceptable soil cover?:shock:

Also new there were 2 sub panels and one had a GFCI as the downstream ones tripped. I was able to tell as there were 2 sets of wires at the main exterior disconnect.

Turns out it was behind a picture at the front entrance, sure enough was the GFCI and realtor/client was impressed I new there was a second panel.

House reminds me of if these walls could talk.

I also noted numerous beers cans in attic. Old Puke(duke) beverages.

201012 083 (Small).JPG

201012 143 (Small).JPG

201012 084 (Small).JPG

201012 136 (Small).JPG

201012 046 (Small).JPG

I have more problems with additions and rehabs than any other homes. Main appears double-tapped. You have lots of documenting to do.

Nice mix of PVC and ABS to call out too.