House inspector finds $10,000

9 2011
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**House inspector finds $10,000 in bag in ceiling **

HALIFAX Home inspectors come across some strange sights, but few as unusual as $10,000 in cash hidden in a ceiling.
Scott Davis, a Halifax inspector, made the discovery Wednesday as he was inspecting an older residence on Barrington Street on behalf of a buyer.
He was looking for access to the building’s attic when he pushed up a ceiling tile to see if it was hiding an entryway.
Instead he found a bag holding a bundle of old $20 bills.
The bag had $17,000 written on it, but a count put the amount at about $10,000.
The buyer’s realtor gave the money to police who then gave it to the family involved in an estate sale.
“It really is one of those moments you know you are not going to forget,” said Davis, who owns the Halifax franchise of Canadian Residential Inspection Services.
“The stash was all old $20 bills, so the money was likely put up there sometime before the new 20s came out. The money might have been sitting there since the ’80s.”
The person buying the house had left the property after Davis, accompanied by a realtor, had started the inspection. There was nobody living in the house at the time.
Davis said he took a photo of his find with his cellphone and said he is happy to get a good story out of the episode.
The Canadian Press

Looks like the agent got a nice tip.:wink:

If those old 20’s are in good condition collectors might pay extra for the ones in fine or extra fine condition.
Good story.

’The money might have been sitting there since the ’80s.”

That was just a couple of weeks ago wasn’t it? He says it like it was up there a long time ! SHEESH! :shock:

Good one, how true might that be?