house made of....foam

this is really nice and cheap (around $40k USD)…my biggest concern is the load this roof could take

check it out the slide show:

Well guess it might depend upon environment. Am not structural engineer so can not comment on how long it might last in any given situation… but am not impressed with the electrical that was shown. Wonder how they do plumbing, etc.

loll yeah , electrical sucks, but this is the prototype version, cant wait to see the final product!


I think the LV is way better and… chaeper

Great home for mice ants and critters to nest in .

Thanks for this Patrick

LOL :slight_smile:

Better get used to the concept… In spite of the negative connotation of treehugger, I think it’s the future of home building. You can bet the engineering has been worked out. Frank Lloyd Wright had the concept of a modular block house worked out years in advance… This looks like the next step towards that end. A German company called Aercon in Florida also has an air entrained lightweight building block in use.