House Numbering

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Here is a little blurb I include in all my reports. I found it some time ago and thought it was important enough to share.


How many times have we all been on the way to a property and had trouble finding the street address or numbers on a house? Not to mention the odd sized lots or undeveloped land in between. In fact, if it weren?t for the FOR SALE sign or other description, most of us would probably pass by the house.

It seems like something most of us take for granted, but an address number visible from the curb is extremely important during an emergency. Most likely, the police, fire, or ambulances will have the same problem in time of emergency when seconds count especially at night.

Reflective type numbers are available at hardware stores; they're weather resistant and can be applied on almost any surface. Please remember when installing numbers on entrance points, or street mailbox (both sides) that the numbers can easily be seen from the street. It only takes a minute and who knows you may save a life.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON