House of Horrors 2: Tile installation method?

For concrete S-tile, what kind of installations do you most commonly see in your area? We’re especially interested in results from east of the Mississippi.

Fasteners should be installed per manufacturers requirements.

How is an inspector going to know what those are? He’s not. We’re trying to decide what systems to include when installing tile on the House of Horrors 2 in Weston FL. We want to know what systems are the most common east of the Mississippi so that we can show proper and improper installation and damage/deficiencies for them.

So your saying contractors east of the Mississippi are dumber than the ones west of the Mississippi:p:p and so are the inspectors they won’t know the difference between proper and improper. Just do it how ever ya want to;-)

Why would you not teach how they are properly installed or not?

Dave they show a example of both side by side

This is an improper install Irma uncovered.

I understand that.

There are about half a dozen or so different concrete tiles we find in this area frequently.

Because each manufacturer may have his own installation recommendations that differ from others, plus manufacturer’s recommendations can be affected by local jurisdictional requirements. Covering it all for the entire country (or even east of the Mississippi from Maine to South Florida) is too complicated.

That is a strange looking “S” tile there

Concrete flat tile.

Man, it gets kind of discouraging when you ask for help and you get over 200 views but only 5 responses. I guess everyone is afraid to tell what they see for tile attachments.

I have all the roofing manuals required to become a roofing contractor, I can bring them by to help with your design or if you would like me to arrange for a consultation with a roofing contractor, I can do that as well.

mechanical and foam or mortar, depending on the age and architectural requirements

I see a lot here in West Central Florida installed with spray foam adhesive.

Kenton, here is a pretty good installation doc for high wind tile installations.