House of Horrors (actual home, thousands of defects, inside a building) update thread


This makes for a good branding tool. hint hint :smiley:

We’re now scheduling courses for real estate brokers. Attendees will be given a tour of the complex.

Here is the latest time lapse video of the House of Horrors. In this version you will see the completion of the 2nd story walk way, the kitchen drywall installation and one of the first groups of new inspectors learning how to find defects in the House of Horrors.


Shot from the elevated walkway of the House of Horrors. The station separation walls for different roof-covering materials have been framed and the valleys are under construction.

There’ve been a few changes since this plan was drawn up. You’re looking at the valleys in the upper left corner of the drawing.

Framing of the roof stations. The little roofs on the station separator walls allow us to show ridge/hip conditions, and the little return roofs allow us to show flashing details and roof covering material fastening details for the areas where the two roofs meet (yellow arrow).

This is especially important for units that are fastened at their tops like tile and slate. If the tops are cut to keep the butts aligned, how are they then fastened? Most of us have seen tiles slipping in areas like this.

The small return roofs are just tacked into place at this time. We’ll want to place them appropriately for the different roof-covering materials so that we make our point clearly.

Yes, I still need to install crickets.

We just received our 360 camera kit from the Google Street View folks to enlighten, inspire, and empower people all over the world by taking them inside the InerNACHI House of Horrors

We’ll be adding 360 images to Google Street View soon.

And we’ll be using our live-feed camera system for training and quality control measures for our Home Energy Score partnership with the US Department of Energy.

We now provide iPads for visitors. It includes images and descriptions of all the defects:

I’m pleased to announce that Joe Hagarty has joined InterNACHI’s teaching staff:

Joe has closed his inspection businesses in Philadelphia and moved to Boulder to Colorado to be a member of our full-time faculty.

Welcome Joe.

The weather has finally gotten cold enough to get some contractors in here to do exterior wall claddings. Masons are going strong on brick and dry-stack stone, and the siding guys are getting through FP lap and shiplap siding, cedar Channel Rustic, vinyl, and Hardiplank.

We’ve finally got some guys who are good. The first siding guy did such a poor job on the Hardiplank that it wasn’t even good enough for the House of Horrors!

It’s hard to find people when the economy is going strong and everyone is busy.

Siding installation. Finishing it tomorrow with the completion of vinyl and Hardiplank. Inspector Street is taking on a whole new look and feel and it’s exciting to feel like we’re finally closing in on the major portion of the work.

It is amazing…
Happy to be a part of the team…
The siding Contractor mentioned that he learned an exponential amount from his experience working here.
We may need to expand and extend our operation of training…

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