House of Horrors II Home Inspector Training Facility being built in Florida.


Nice… when will it be completed?

The PR says it will be finished by mid summer 2017.

Looking forward to its completion.


My whole company will be there as soon as it is done to go through it. Can’t wait. Alot cheaper than flights, hotel rooms for 4 inspectors!

Any plans for seawall and dock inspections?

Sounds great!


Does it cost anything to come in and train on the house or is it free like most other things for MEMBERS?

The house will be open and free to all InterNACHI members.

Events will also be open and free to all inspectors. And that includes food.

Tuition for formal courses.

Delvecchio’s again :slight_smile: Jamie makes some good stuff :slight_smile:

They will get tired of seeing me in there :shock: I cannot wait as I really would like to brush up and improve on my electrical knowledge. It would give me something to do on days I have nothing booked.

This is awesome, it is hard for me to make it out to Boulder!

Love the idea. Cant wait to take my guys through it. Florida specific correct? Including wind mitigation issues and such?

Will there be areas for pool/spa inspections?

That would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Awesome! Looking forward to sending my crew

Nick and I are drawing the plans now, targeted toward the east in general with a very heavy bias toward Florida, including wind mit and pool equipment. We’re also working to incorporate more moisture issues than in arid Colorado, from intrusion-through-leakage, from poor design (building science) and from poor building practices. We’ll also be including some examples of things that are not so common in Florida (like engineered lumber), the idea being that an inspector can go anywhere in the country to work without running into a lot that he’s never seen.

AWESOME sums it up in my opinion. Always willing to help :slight_smile: Only about 25 minutes West of me unless rush hour :slight_smile:

It’s about an hour and a half for me with the hammer down across alligator alley… but if there is anything I can do to help I would be happy to help.