House of Horrors: suggestions for miswired outlets

We’re going to be installing a row of electrical outlets that are miswired and let inspectors use different types of testing devices to try to identify each defect.
We’ll do the obvious ones:

                 ·      Miswired electrical outlets

o hot/neutral reverse
o hot/ground reverse
o Neutral/ground reverse
o Bootleg ground

Maybe also some that the cheaper 3-light won’t pick up but a SureTest or similar might. Feel free to make suggestions!

Bootleg ground.

How about a split Receptacle with a boot leg ground on one side and the neutral bar removed

A neutral bar on an outlet??

“Borrowed” from FB…

Cool! What would you call that setup?

This… ?


If you can install a GFCI with the line and load connections reversed.

Install multiple GFCIs on one circuit, which stumps many inspectors when a tripped GFCI will not reset.

If you can find one, install an old two prong outlet just for fun.

A newer gfi with line and load reversed will not reset. It will remain dead.

These are great ideas, guys!

What kind of boxes will you be using to house the receptacles?

Mostly blue plastic from home depot but we’re open to suggestions.

Roy, you mean the tie bar between the two neutral screws on the outlet, right?

with one side cut out and covered with plexiglass so the wiring is visible. The boxes will have LED lights inside and will be hinged to swivel out for easier viewing.
This is the first one. The rest I might cut out the backs instead.

I asked about the boxes because a plastic box should fool the tester when connected reverse ground/neutral. Also a reverse hot/ground connection with a metal box that’s ungrounded will energized the entire box.

I think maybe we’ll avoid that last one.

Don’t forget 3 way switches that only work when one is in the correct position