House of Horrors?

What ever happened to the House of Horrors Robert Brown was putting together? I passed the place several times this week on the way to and from inspections and noticed a for sale sign on the building.:shock:

Not listed with an agent though

Come to think about we don’t seem to hear from Robert Brown anymore either, or the DuKa chapter??? :weird:


Another mystery for under the NACHI rug. Starting to get mighty crowded under there, me thinks.

Quick, someone accuse Brown of having his hand in another cookie jar or making threats. :roll:

Norm :lol:

And where did anyone get the idea that any membership $$ were in this project???

This was a NACHI member out on his own and free to make a business decision on his own

Hay if I am wrong someone update me


No sponsors maybe?

Does anyone know how to do a property search to see who the owner of record is???

Do not see a problem here but would like to know what and why


Ask a realtor, they would be able to tell you.

Norm stated:

*Kinda like the big rug in OAHI HQ :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to do a property search to see who the owner of record is???
Go to City Hall Property Tax counter and ask to see the tax roll listing. Many list the owner’s name(s) but sometimes do not at the owner’s specific request and are listed as “Owner 1”. If there are two owners on record there will be an “Owner 2” listed. At least you’ll discover if there are two owners of record if that matters to you.:slight_smile:


Thought it might be posted on line like many places are around here


The house of horrors project is far from dead. The location which you are wondering about is now and has been up for sale for some time now.

It is strictly a business decision to sell this property and had nothing to do with Nachi.

I am working on another location which will suit this project better. But don’t hold your breath because this will not be taking off until LATE 2007.

There was some discussion as to how this whole project was to be handled. It was my own companies money along with one sponsor who helped to start things.

My money along with the sponsors money will be put forth into the new location. This is not something that will happen overnight.

Hope this helps to answer the questions.


Good to hear from you hope all is going well we are doing fine Char and Roy

Thanks for the info Robert

I wasn’t trying to stir the pot up.

Just curious is all.


No problem.