House on creek

Inspected an old mill converted into a house today built in 1900. The issue I have is the drainage around this house (house is setting on the creek bed) muddy underneath house, buyer showed me a picture from 2002 with the creek flooding and the water was almost up to the floor joists (house is in a flood zone). What would you say in your report ? Thanks in advance

Whiltshire-gravelHill 336.JPG

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keep life vests within reach.

Seriously, there is no way you can determine when it will be undermined or flooded.

Tell your client just that.

It’s an old Mill on a creek. In a flood plain. As others like to claim, “it’s stood the test of time”!

IMO… anyone who makes this purchase will get exactly what they pay for! No more. No less.

Besides run I would recommend to verify that the home is insurable.

Need to add downspout extensions to prevent foundation problems. :mrgreen::mrgreen:
Whiltshire-gravelHill 336.JPG

I write up all Mills I have inspected that are missing the water wheel. Serious defect Mill will not operate as intended.

House on a creek, house on a hill, house in downtown murder cap Deeetroit or house in Zimbabwe… don’t buy anything like this, find something else.

Eyeballing pic’s, IBC says umm,
‘All foundation walls shall be maintained plumb and free from open cracks, breaks, holes etc and shall be kept in such condition to prevent the entry and rodents and other pests…’ and ummm, water.

So what do many people do with shtt, openings etc like this?
They call a few interior basement system butt-heads and install an interior system and a sump. Too many drugs America, your doing too many pillzzz, HAIR–on, coke, crack, crank, alcohol etc and umm, it affects your ability ta TINK straight, got that? Got milk?

Detroit, feel duh ruin America… BRIDGE of SIGHS ummm, there are some holes etc in them there buildings and houses, help us.
“…Cold wind blows, the Gods look down in anger on this poor child”

looooooooooooooooool yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! yes, please attach 29 mile long downspout ext’s… and hurry

Best thing to do is reinstall a new Waterwheel. Then add a gear reduction to a generator.
“Go Green”. This guy has the right idea indeed!

And I thought this was something to do with house on a rock.

Don’t ask the DNR about the downspout? I think the roof is sagging on the ridge. Some insurance companies are very concerned about that.


It depends on what they plan to do with it. I assume they are buying it “AS IS”, but this could be a slippery slope for your liability. What were they asking you to do? Most people that buy an old building “AS IS” know from visual observations it’s in poor condition, but unrealistically expect you to point out all the hidden problems and some just want to know if it’s structurally sound.

I would inform them that moving water can cause erosion overtime and may undermine the foundation. And also inform them that moisture entering a home can lead to issues such as mold, rot, air quality, WDO etc. Make sure they know that if it isn’t an issue now it could be. I would also recommend they look into the ability to insure it.