House Removal

Tired old house any ideas of cost to remove it .
Are Barn wood and timber worth very much .
Today’s inspection was for Mortgage company they wondered about having the building removed to help it sell. They own it and are 500 miles away .
Any thoughts or ideas appreciated .

Lots of land … Thanks Roy

Old Barns are a commodity in Chester County PA
your mileage may vary…
The Old timber has value for structural, historic and reconstruction.

Same here in MN; barn wood is reclaimed and used in projects all the time. Most are even willing to come get it themselves to pick through what they want.

Depends on how clean they want it left and how much material can be salvaged, I have a friend here that does it full time and I think he charges 5 to $7,000 for complete cleanup more to take dpwn the silo if it’s a hazard

Great I thought a house like this in the Country would be a lot more . Thanks for the info… Roy

I didn’t read it right, sorry Roy. That would be for the barn, the house would be in addition to, but likely about the same. Is the house that bad?

WORSE BIG TIME !!! and oil fuel contamination besides .

Woops up goes the price !

Here they pay you to come and salvage the barn. Several companies in Ontario do it. As for the house best to have a demolition company quote as people may salvage for free but liability for accident or injuries could be huge.

There will have to be an environmental assessment to determine the extent of the spill. It is very possible dependent on spill that it could enter the water table affecting neighbouring properties wells.

As for the barn, there are furniture makers who would love to get their hands on that aged seasoned wood.

You are right Raymond, as far as the reclaimed wood goes though the problem is that good stuff is taken away and all the crap is left behind and they still have to pay someone to clen the rest up. I have seen where you have to put up a bond of $5000 or more and when clean up is done to agreed on spcs you get your money back and then get paid.