House Stealing

Geeze…I’ve heard of stealing merchandise, but a damn house.

What are they going to think of next? This is my favorite part about that article:

House-stealing is not too common at this point, but we’re keeping an eye out for any major cases or developing trends. Please contact us]( or your local police if you think you’ve been victimized.

I wonder if an article like this will gain some visibility for act of stealing homes. Thanks media!

I realize it’s quite fashionable to blame the media for reporting anything these days but this is the FBI’s site.

Correct me if I’m wrong…isn’t it illegal to open mail with someone elses name on it??? Something like 5 years in prison & $10,000 fine???

Yes indeed, but…If a thick envelope came to my residence (from a mortgage company), with my exact address and someone else’s name on it, I’d become very curious (after reading this story).

Someone from my residence has to open it. “RETURN TO SENDER” gets you nowhere.

Good point. Although the internet itself is a form of media regardless of whose site that is.

Always makes me a bit nervous when I see stuff like this publicized. While the intentions are good, does it incent people to try to do something like this? Tough call.

I get the same feeling when the MSM, like NY Times prints our defense weaknesses or leaks from anonomous sources in the Pentagon or the State Dept. Time was that was considered at least stupid and at most treasonous and our media understood giving aid and comfort to our enemies was not in all of our best interest. I don’t care what your political stripes are, we are all in this together. Frankly both parties suck and time for an overhaul.

Can you imagine how many people know about this scam, and how many people lose there investment, because of a scam… How they get these ideas, I’ll never know…

Maybe from the Local library…How to steal a home by: Mr.Con Man

It’s actually very easy to obtain someone else’s identity today.

With the Internet and all the public records that are available to anyone, an identity can be taken over in hours.

I suggest that if you find any odd activity going on with any of your mailings, credit cards, public records, etc…get right on it and report this activity ASAP.

It’s amazing how many sites advertise “House Stealing”.

Our media is a terrorist cookbook as well as an enabler of Identity theft apparently.

I decry the biased press a much as anyone but when they do good work that needs to be acknowledged as well.

Muslim public school in Minnesota

Tax dollars hard at work. Somebody call the ACLU:mad: