House wrap on ceiling instead of drywall?

Came across this in a newer home, open house not an inspection. House wrap on a utility closet ceiling, above this is insulation and attic space. The door to the room was a cheap hollowcore door. I have this feeling that drywall should be here as fire stopping, let alone the fact that this will surely fall apart in a short time. What do you all say?

Ridiculous!..if finished. :flushed:

Ran out of drywall? Looks like a hot mess

Is this what new construction has come to?

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The new home economics basic model. :upside_down_face:

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Thats a mess. Doesn’t look proper at all. Just curious if there’s batts or blown in insulation above that? Blown in will eventually find the gaps and start falling out and make a tremendous mess.

Larry, that was the finished product. The home had a very high roof with a loft like second floor. My only guess is in the original plans this space was not designed to be used, more like a giant knee wall space. But the buyer or builder decided to make use of the otherwise wasted void and the guys on site came up with this cluster.

There was a combination of batts and blown. And yes the blown in was already sifting through and making piles behind the hvac.

Your feeling about the drywall is right. What a joke!!! Talk about cutting corners… Geees

Michael, are there no AHJs to oversee the finished product?..sad really…like what Martin said:

That is bizarre!