Housecheck ?

Today I got a LinkedIN request from someone I didn’t know (which happens frequently).

I read the person’s description:

"HouseCheck will soon be providing nationwide home inspections. This network of home experts will have over 8,400 inspectors and 600 support personnel in all 50 States.

HouseCheck will provide national consumer brand marketing, advance software tools for comprehensive consumer driven reports and extensive monthly training programs for the nations largest network of independent home inspectors.

HouseCheck’s goal is simple, to achieve at least 85% market share of the 4,500,000 home inspections done annually in the United States. This will triple the income of the average inspector and create the very first national data base of home inspections to better serve the industry and the consumer. Our independent inspectors under our branding model will make on average $100k per year.

We will spend over a $100 million a year in our national advertising programs, helping our network of independent inspectors do what they do best which is inspect homes. We hope to contribute as much as $10 million a year to the HouseCheck Foundation for battered Women and Children. Our passion is improving the quality of life in the home and giving back to the communities where we do business.

Our 200,000 sq. ft. Campus will be dedicated to our independent inspectors providing them with the very best marketing, technology, support and wealth creation tools within the Home Inspection Industry. It is the only way we know how to have… Inspections. Done Right. "

When I go to the website, it shows the company being it’s own HI company. No mention of a network of independent inspectors. It shows an inspector in their brand shirt, with a truck with their brand on it.

I’m not sure how they’re going to be a collection of independent inspectors under one brand name. That contradicts the inspectors being independent.

Further, they’re going to provide the training, a training facility, their own software, etc. All which, again, contradicts labor laws as far as 1099 contractors vs W2 employees.

Also sounds overly ambitious. I mean, we can’t even get 85% of all inspectors to belong to the same trade organization, and they think 85% are going to all work under their corporate umbrella?

another group who wants to be control the industry

It sounds pretty fishy to me. Kind of like a Nate T. racket.

I wonder where they will come up with this much cash?

Uh, that’s an avg price less than $219 per inspection.

Yet, they claim they will make inspectors more money than they currently do.

And further:

If you work for a company where you wear their logo on your clothes or vehicle, use their software, they collect all payments and they provide marketing for the work you do, then you are a W2 employee.

There is NOTHING about this business model that would allow anyone to be considered an independent.

It must be a gag website, not real. Read:

That’s 1/10th of a billion dollars… lol.

They are based in Parma, Idaho. There isn’t a 200,000 square foot building in the entire town:



I guess we are all a bunch of mysterious fellas.

…“For as long as anyone can remember, the home inspection industry has been shrouded in mystery.
The same questions keep emerging:
“How can I find out which home inspectors are competent, and which aren’t?”
“Who or what qualifies someone to be an inspector in the first place?”
“How can I know whether an inspector has passed a proper background check?”…”

Transfer the warranty to buyer for $25.00.
Is there a license/registration required for this kind of stuff?

And the answer is the same. Can anyone guess what link I’m going to post next?

OK, that sounds like a lot, but

which is spreading that $100 mill pretty thin.


A TV blitz would quickly eat that budget on a national level.

Even if you advertised on smaller local markets, there are 210 TV markets in the US.

$100mill wouldn’t last long if there is TV advertising involved.

Uh oh ~ oh boy!

Yes Sir, you’re going to say that it’s ASHI.


They have a really big management team but only one listed inspector. He is a CMI.

They didn’t say the campus was indoors? lol :smiley: