Housemaster 1 year guarantee?

There is a House master franchise in my area and fairly popular. They say that the give a limited 1 year warranty. Does anyone know what it covers. Could not find it anywhere on their website and could not even find an example report. Sounds like a great marketing tool, just damn…1 year guarentee?..That is very impressive. Just wondering about the ACTUAL value and not the perceived value of the warranty.

If it sounds appealing to the client it just might work. A one year warranty sounds a lot better than those 90 day offers but I too would be interested in reading the fine print. If it’s worth the paper it’s written on it might not be cheap.

Actual value is not what most buyers are thinking about. They just hear “warranty” and to them it sounds good and has a perceived value. Most buyers have no idea about the limitations and exclusions. If they read the fine print they might not be as impressed but it’s still free and at least something.

According to their website you can ask for the guarantee from them and they will send it. Sounds to me like there will be many stipulations. I am sure it protects Housemaster more than the client.

I know here in Florida…takes ALOT to offer a warranty…like $1,000,000…But I will call and ask for one…and will keep you guys posted.

But then I started thinking…it says not available in all areas…so if there is 10,000 franchise companies and ONLY ONE has it…then they are OK…neat play on words. I will keep ya posted… thanks

This says limited written guarantee, not a warranty.

Though they do offer 1-year home warranty inspections.

I thought here in Florida the state threw out all of those fly-by-night warranty companies, besides Florida requires a license to sell insurance, I’ll bet it is only good in other states.

HomeTeam franchises in Florida provide AHW warranties.

Not legally they cannot…AHW is not allowed to provide warranties in the state of Florida…for now anyways