HouseMaster franchise

Does anyone out there have a HouseMaster franchise or heard anything good or bad regarding them.
Reason for asking is that a gentleman in my area is retiring and selling his franchise and I’m considering possibly looking into purchasing it. I’m not pacticulairly a franchise type person as I don’t like having my hands tied and having to use their products. But, on the other hand this may be a lucrative venture, and as they say, if you can’t beat em’ assimulate them.:cool:

Any help and advice is as always greatly appreciated.

Contact Joe Hagarty. He is a HouseMaster owner.

One thing I do know is they want you to grow, they are not happy if you are a one man show.

Owning a franchise can be very rough. You get very little and give very much. If you can avoid it, do.

It is about building a Business and not a Job.

I have not found that to be the case. Individual experiences may vary.

I heard a statistic about start up businesses, Franchises, compared to sole-operators, have a lower failure rate at the 5 year mark. I think we all know the ‘5 year mark’. :frowning:


It’s a personal preference. I personally would never work for someone else, ever again. Simply a personal decision.

I suppose, as with most things there are pro’s and con’s and as some have said what you are comfortable with. Still doing research and will be meeting with the owner on Sat. So far they seem to have a very good reputation with a proven track record. I did not realize before that they were one of the first HI franchises out there and that the founder was also one of the founding members of Ashi. Thanks for the replies.