Housing Inspection Foundation?

Has anyone heard of it?
Is anyone a member?
Is it worth joining?
They are offering 1 year membership @ $25.00
May be worth a try for additional leads.


Brian Cesare
OSI Inspection Services


I see this on their site:



Sounds like it is a bit more expensive…but if it is only $25, why not?

went to their site to check them out too and saw the $195.00 fee

i received the $25.00 offer in the snail mail in December.
thanks for your reply:D


I bought some of their educational materials when I was training- most of it pretty good stuff. However, I didn’t see any benefit in becoming a member.

For $25 - if it all it is, is another directory that your name is on, or another potnetial way a client may find you, why not?

It isn’t a big outlay (look at it as $2 per month), and one inspection generated is at least a 10:1 ROI.

Do a search for inspectors in your area. See if HIF even shows up on the list. They don’t in mine. Decided it wasn’t even worth the $25.00.

I did Home Inspection KY and Home Inspector KY and NACHI didn’t get on the first two pages, either… NAHI comes up first (among orgs) and ASHI is near the top of page 2 in both.

So, you have to figure that people are getting to these directories in other ways, and that there will be some link through that will almost certainly be worth $25.

It is a crap shoot, to be sure, but the price is right. For $195, it certainly doesn’t merit consideration, but at $25…

Nice placement for your site, though!

I set the $25 deal up for NACHI members. I joined myself and though there are few benefits… the price was right.


As you can see… we eat pretty well http://www.nachi.org/hif2006.htm