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Well according to Oahi if he is not a member or is Retired, he is no longer entitled to use it, but its like being a Doctor who is retired or no longer practicing, he is still entitled to use Doctor or be called doctor because he earned it. Personally I don’t have a problem with that either. But knowing OAHI they give little lattitude. Maybe you should remove Retired from your designation too, because PR 158 says anyone in the Registry is permitted to use it. Thats you me and all the other retired inspectors in OAHI. There is also no provision as some would have us believe that Retired must be used. Nonsense, its not in the by-law. It is also not Conduct Unbecoming a Member to use it if Retired. Nor is there any provision in by-law stating Retired must not inspect whilst belonging to another association.


Agreed, but I have been told in the past that the use of Retired RHI is acceptable by OAHI and will continue to do so, unless officially notified otherwise. The word “retired” simply clarifies my current status along with acknowledging my status level achieved.

Yes but that requirement is not succintly stated in the by-laws, so it does not have any force. If they want it to have force then it should be stated in the by-laws through an ammendment. That is the proper way, otherwise OAHI is wasting its breath. It is also in conflict with the intent and wording of PR 158 fwiw. You do understand that do you not?

No one has provided any contrary proof of the provision for requirement of Retired preceding RHI, its only hear say at this point.

Ditto with inspecting under ASHI or NACHI while being Retired in OAHI. OAHI claims thats a no no, yet by-laws don’t state that. So again it has no force with revision and change to by-law. I don’t understand how anyone can be found guilty of those charges unless its spelled out in the by-laws. Case law if very clear on limitation of by-law and interpretation it must be one of reasonableness and correctness.