Housing Market Looking Good

The housing recovery is looking better than it has for years. Lots of used house salesmen will be looking for “their inspectors” to help make the deal.

Commercial market is flourishing too, I have been receiving calls and emails daily for the last several months.

I did 2 this week. Getting lots of requests for proposals too.

In Logan County Ohio the market is changing but its doing it slowly.
I opened my Business Feburary 1 this year done some small advertising and one home show a lot of marketing local with realtors and brokers and banks.
I have a full house with mold tomorrow afternoon so things are looking up :smiley:

I have seen a good increase here in home sales. Not necessarily new homes, but old inventory from for closed and short sales. The deals must be good as people are buying. To me an inspection is an inspection. Just more mold in the forcloseurs…haha…but hey That’s good also my pumps are running overtime.


Yup, definitely noticing an uptick, did 4 inspections yesterday ( a first for me) and 10 for the week, next week is filling up and spring has barely sprung here!:wink:


Four in one day is one more than I was ever able to do, even in the summer. I didn’t run out of light as much as I ran out of steam.

Well I did do the reports the next day!:smiley:

That’s good stuff Tom. I did 1 6 sample mold, and 2 2500 sq foot full inspections today. I am whipped. reports tomorrow. Hey I saw you post last week I think, you did an inspection in Berwin Heights, I had 1 there yesterday. I didn’t think you came down south, I will have to call you sometimes, maybe we can share a few. I am getting too old to do 2 and 3 in a day…hahaha


Hot local housing markets will cool as builders rush in in coming months, pumping up inventories depleted by a scarcity of new construction since 2007.
Nationwide, a third of U.S. homes now sell within 14 days. A year ago…24%. And the current 4.4-month supply of unsold homes is well under the six-month figure deemed healthy. Where the pendulum has swung much too far…San Francisco,
Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif., for example…over 50% of homes are snapped up within two weeks. And the pace isn’t much slower in Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Denver. Metro areas that didn’t suffer the construction drought but have strong job growth… Washington, D.C., Dallas and Austin, Texas, for example…are also seeing hot sales.
Despite the current heat, the housing industry is a long way from robust. It’s two or three years away from matching the 6.5-million-a-year pace of home sales and 1.5 million building starts a year racked up before the mid-2000s run-up.

[size=2]Source: The Kiplinger Newsletter


We use a team of three and do four almost everyday. In the summer it is too hot in Florida to do anymore. The heat drains you quickly especially in 140 degree attics. Dehydration is a real and ever present problem, drinking enough is almost impossible. I have a couple of guys that are Fire Medics and they give themselves IVs.

Florida has been booming. The inventory is low and houses are getting multiple offers. Prices are creeping up.

Hearing more and more about multiple offers.
This should be an interesting spring.

I tried getting an Inspector in the close service area for a referring Agent to do a job today and everyone called was booked up.

Here as well John, I drink about two gallons of water daily, but still wake at night with leg-feet cramps from dehydration at times, if I eat a tablespoon of salt with a quart of water the cramps go away.

In this dry desert heat you don’t realize your perspiring, until you see white powder on your skin which is dried potassium-sodium (salt).

Jim are you going to the Atlantic city convention?
I’m going half for the courses and meeting other members and half for the poker…:wink:

The salt helps get the water to your muscles.

We take Thermotabs, but we know we are sweating. We have liquid air