Housing Scorecard. More foreclosures is good news for inspectors.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of the Treasury recently released the April edition of the Obama Administration’s Housing Scorecard—a comprehensive report on the nation’s housing market.

Home prices remain weak under continued strain from foreclosures and distressed homes. However, mortgage delinquencies continued a downward trend compared to early 2010 and foreclosure starts and completions remain below peak. As lenders continue to review internal procedures related to foreclosure processing, many foreclosure actions have been delayed. The decline in foreclosure processing is likely to be temporary as lenders eventually revise and resubmit paperwork in the coming months.

This is a sad situation for some homeowners. Right now, the markets seem to be flooded with HUD and bank foreclosures (“short sales”). It has become more important than ever for the prospective buyer to have a home inspection. I have been through homes where all the copper plumbing has been stripped. I always try to photograph the location of the “mains” for my clients and in one home the gas main was gone. Apparently someone just unbolted it and took it!!



I have heard that some transaction sales numbers are being inflated by banks and lenders moving homes from bank to bank, and counting the transactions as sales.

"It is becoming more apparent that giving more and more tax breaks to corporations and the rich is not resulting in the promised job creation. In fact, corporations often eliminate jobs to produce more profits, which increasingly are sheltered from taxes. A cycle is created whereby corporations and the rich pay less in taxes and more to political campaigns and lobbying, which results in even more ways for corporations and the rich to avoid taxes. In some circles the answer to municipal, state and federal budget crises is to impose austerity on the middle and working classes and the poor. In other words, let’s increase the burden on those who are truly productive and are not responsible for the fiscal mess we’re in and let off the hook those who created the mess.

If corporations and the rich had been paying their fair share for the last few decades, I doubt we’d even have this financial mess. But they have perfected the means of corrupting the political process, enabling them to avoid their tax responsibilities. Nothing will improve until we address this issue"…editorial in today’s KC Star.

If the unemployed would turn off “Everybody Loves Raymond” and stop asking for “good paying jobs” and instead… go out and create a few jobs instead of always taking jobs (mostly meant for high school kids to earn some pocket money), the economy would be great.

This crap about “Oh, I’m not a good salesman” or “Oh, I don’t want to work long hours to start a new business” or “Oh, I don’t want to take the time and effort to learn how to start and grow a business” or “Oh, I don’t want to risk any of my capital” makes me sick.

We live in the a country where we can all start a business by noon tomorrow.

People are lazy, and the government is helping with that. The most important item in today’s society is the cell phone. Crazy.

It is amazing the number of college grads that are moving back home, can’t, or won’t, find jobs. My Dad used to say: “there is always grass to mow, hair to cut, and food to eat”. Parents are also to blame. Cut-off the internet, cell phone, food, and see how quick they get a job.

There is a serious lack of free enterprise in this nation. New laws, rules, and regulations has seen to that, even in our industry. Get off the couch, people.

Well said! I have always taken that approach myself. It drives me nuts to see someone sitting on unemployment for almost a year, claiming they cant “find” a job. With that attitude, I* wouldn’t hire them*!

My wife and I operate 2 home base business, each with 1 vehicle, (1 business each while the other assists) while parenting and homeschooling 5 children, volunteer at our local church, travel 2-4 times a year, and manage to keep our sanity. It drives me frickin nuts to hear someone say they cant make any money in Michigan! When my business is slow, I branch out! I install TV’s, Surround sound systems, take on a small construction project, or practice my hobby of being a Live Sound Engineer.
My wife and I train in Direct Sales, we JUST finished teaching our class, “The only way to fail in this business is to QUIT!”

The world needs more Michael Robersons.

Out of a 34 year work span, I have been an employee 8 of those years. I’ve managed to work every day.