Houston Home Inspector lines pond with Sodium Bentonite

I made these videos while I was lining a small pond in my backyard with sodium bentonite to prevent it from leaking. The results were good and I will be uploading the third and last video of this project to youtube soon.

Lining pond with sodium bentonite Part I

Lining pond with sodium bentonite Part II

I think it would have been much better if you let your wife narrate.

Greg, your proposition assumes that she was pleased, or at least was in agreement with, the inception of this project. :smiley:

Looks like a lot ff work but I bet it was all worth it. Looking forward to seeing the 3rd video.

hmm go figure the end of the second video you mention Concrete Structure for Fish… Sweet…

Excellent Video, I smell Oscar

Is Oscar that little peek-a-poo?

Sarge is gonna be so pissed when I tell him you called him a peek-a-poo! :smiley:

Slick John, we used Bentonite closing Landfills years ago, trenching with a Track-Hoe 30 feet deep around the perimeter of a Landfill making containment walls, then filling the trench with Bentonite-Dirt-Water Mixture, so no soup-juice from the Landfill can pass through the Slurry Wall…and a perforated collection pipe-system was installed in front of the Slurry Wall, at about 20 feet deep, Waste Management would pump the contaminates from the Manholes the perforated pipe went into, and the Bentonite acted as a damn, not letting any noxious - juice from the landfill to pass by the Containment Wall…really slick, I can see how it would work for a Pond as well.


Well, I just got a glimpse of him, sorry. Apologize to him for me. :slight_smile:

Hey John, looks great. Will your State stock ponds or are you going to have to buy the fingerlings yourself? My brother put a pond in on his place years ago over in LA. It wasn’t long before the snapping turtles and snakes took it over (about an acre) and bout cleaned his fish out. Great fun though with a 22 rifle and a twelve pack.

John, you already got a cement pond, why don’t you put your fish in there?

Interesting! Not sure why, but i guess i learned something new. Would like to see it full.

good info. I learned some stuff I didin’t know. Look forwar to hte third video. Nice place too by the way.

Preston Sandlin

Is it full yet?!

Dang, you’re own fishing hole. Nice!

The day after I finished we had a tropical depression blow through and it rained for like three days straight, hard! I saw it coming as did everyone else around here so I turned the water off to the pond. The rains completely filled it. Due to the rain a drainage ditch next to me was overflowing between two lakes and appeared to have swarms of minnows so I started scooping them up with a net. They turned out to be largemouth bass about two inches long. I threw about 60 of them into the pond. They’ve doubled in size in about a month and a half and follow me around the pond like a pack of dogs as I throw mealy worms to them.

Fun!..enjoyed it (never been around Bentonite)…lookin’ forward to #3 also.

Part III finished pond…well, almost finished. :smiley:

Hey John, your pond looks fantastic. Now you just have to keep all the snapping turtles out of it. They will wipe out the fish population in no time. Good job!

Looks great John! Be sure to keep the overhead area barrier free to allow the fire fighting helicopters to swoop in to replenish their water supplies as they head out to work the wildfires plaguing Texas right now. Granted, in your area they are north of Houston and pretty far away but you never know. :slight_smile: