How about a dedicated Internet/Web Forum

There does not seem to be a good place to put internet / web page type stuff. It gets lost here. It’s not really inspection related.

The integration between reporting software and websites with uploading systems like fetchreport and makes it sensible to post here IMHO.

I think its a good idea. But i think it should be for members only.

If they dont want to put one up here let me know and ill set up a forum on the CMI site.


I think they mean for stuff like all the tips I’ve been posting in marketing. Plus general computer repair related questions that might not be reporting software related (which should be separate).


I agree it should be for members only.
It would deal with SEO issues, domain names, web page tips, etc.

I have a SEO/domain name question I would like to post now and don’t know where it should be. I don’t want to get off topic, I will post my question at another forum.

You post it in marketing right now with all the other SEO questions :slight_smile:

There is now an area on the CMI MB if you would like to use it.

I’ll try to get a new forum up tomorrow afternoon.


Thanks Henry, I’ll keep an eye on the board there in case someone posts.

Thanks Chris,

Any chance of moving my 10 SEO article over there or making me a moderator and I’ll move them?


Uh-oh !!! Dominic used the **M **word !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

The “M” word… gasp…! What is InterNACHI coming to?