How about the silent ones, want to give this test a try?

Here’s another test based upon the 2005 NEC. My students are given an hour.

  1. A box installed in the ground that is used to splice wires that is just big enough to get two hands into is best described as a:
    (A) junction box
    (B) watertight box
    © handhole enclosure
    (D) underground splice box

  2. A dot to the left hand side of the NEC book indicates that:
    (A) a typing error
    (B) a deletion has been made.
    © the following section is only a recommendation
    (D) there is a separation in statements

  3. A grounded system that uses a resistor in the grounding circuit is a(n):
    (A) neutral grounded system
    (B) solidly grounded system
    © grounded system
    (D) impedance grounded system

  4. A line to the left hand side of the NEC book indicates that:
    (A) a change has been made
    (B) it is an important passage
    © it is flagged for review
    (D) there is an error in printing

  5. A working space that contains electrical equipment rated 1200 amperes or more, there shall be an entrance at each end of the working space that…
    (A) is not less than 3’ x 7’ that shall be easily opened in the direction of egress
    (B) is not less than 3’ x 6 ½’ that shall be easily opened in the direction of egress
    © is not less than 2’ x 6 ½’ that shall be easily opened in the direction of egress
    (D) is self locking and can not easily be defeated

  6. An electric room in a building is being remodeled, a 480 volt panel and a 208/120 volt panel are to be installed across from each other. If both panels are uncovered at the same time it will expose live parts in both of the panels. What is the minimum distance between the panels?
    (A) 3’
    (B) 3 ½’
    © 4”
    (D) 2 ½’

  7. Conductors that are accessible to unqualified persons shall be insulated or covered within ____ feet of the structure that makes the conductors accessible.
    (A) 7 ½
    (B) 3
    © 15
    (D) 10

  8. Electric enclosures that are intended for personal entry shall be fabricated to provide safe work space around the equipment while energized. This is to protect personnel during:
    (A) All Answers
    (B) Examination and Adjustment
    © Service and Maintenance
    (D) Withdraw of conductors without damage

  9. Exposed runs of insulated wires or cables with a lead or braided covering shall be installed…
    (A) in wire chases or elevator shafts
    (B) in manholes or vaults only
    © to prevent physical damage to the covering
    (D) only in approved type cable tray

  10. Fixed ladders in a manhole or vault shall be:
    (A) Stainless steel
    (B) Corrosion resistant
    © Aluminum
    (D) Non conductive

  11. In a manhole operating at over 600 volts a manhole cover that weighs over ______ lbs shall be considered as locking the enclosure.
    (A) 100
    (B) 125
    © 150
    (D) 50

  12. In a manhole or vault the clear work space for cables on both sides is:
    (A) 2 ½ ’ wide and 6’ tall
    (B) 3 ½’ wide and 6 ½’ tall
    © 2 ½ ’ wide and 6 ½’ tall
    (D) 3’ wide and 6’ tall

  13. Installed equipment that has no temperature rating on the terminals shall only be terminated with 60° (140°F) conductors, If higher temperature conductors are used…
    (A) The wire size shall be increased
    (B) The insulation class is the same as the equipment
    © The ampacity of the conductor is based on the 60° ampacity chart
    (D) You are in violation of this issue of NFPA 70

  14. On a 3 phase 4 wire 240 / 120 volt system the higher voltage to ground must be identified __________in color or by another effective means at all points in a system where a connection is made when a grounded conductor is present.
    (A) Red
    (B) Orange
    © White
    (D) Brown

  15. Overcurrent protection is in electrical systems to protect the wiring of a building. What is “supplementary overcurrent protection” for?
    (A) To protect isolated equipment
    (B) Secondary protection for conductors
    © Motor overload protection
    (D) To protect the grounded conductor

  16. Switchboards, panel boards, motor control centers, industrial control panels and meter socket enclosures shall be field marked to warn of electrical arc flash hazards for anyone that will examine, adjust or service the equipment. This only applies to?
    (A) Multi family dwelling units
    (B) Residential locations
    © Hotels and motels
    (D) Commercial and industrial locations

  17. When something is “energized” it is:
    (A) Properly grounded to an isolated system
    (B) Connected to an electromotive force
    © Of low enough resistance to allow current to flow
    (D) Very bright and lively

  18. Where tunnel entrances points are located in an area used by the general public the tunnels shall be ventilated where practical.
    (A) True
    (B) False

  19. A dwelling unit has 1000 sq ft and a lighting demand of 3000 VA. When the small appliance and laundry loads are added, the demand factor is now:
    (A) 4500 VA
    (B) 6000 VA
    © 7500 VA
    (D) 9000 VA

  20. A grounding electrode conductor, sized in accordance with 250.66 for the derived phase conductors, shall be used to connect the metal enclosures of the derived system to the grounding electrode as specified in 250.30(B)(2). This connection can be made only:

(A) in the separately derived system
(B) at any point on the separately derived system
© in the first disconnecting means
(D) at any point on the separately derived system from the source to the first system disconnecting means

  1. Cord and plug connected equipment that is fastened in place can have an ampacity of 100% of the branch circuit rating. Cord and plug connected equipment that is not fastened in place can have an ampacity of ___% of the branch circuit rating.
    (A) 125
    (B) 80
    © 100
    (D) 75

  2. Flexible cord used in extension cords made with separately listed and installed components shall be permitted to be supplied by a branch circuit in accordance with the following:
    (A) 20-ampere circuits - 16 AWG and larger
    (B) 20-ampere circuits - 14 AWG and larger
    © 15-ampere circuits - 14 AWG and larger
    (D) 20-ampere circuits - 12 AWG and larger

  3. In all units used for dwellings the conductors that are used for lighting shall not be greater than ______ volts between conductors.
    (A) 240
    (B) 120
    © 208
    (D) 277

  4. Total farm loads including dwelling unit loads are calculated at 100% of the largest load plus 75% of the second largest load plus 65% of the third largest load plus ___% of all remaining loads.
    (A) 50
    (B) 40
    © 30
    (D) 25

  5. When calculating the lighting load of a building the area is calculated from
    (A) the sum of all the room dimensions
    (B) the inside dimensions of the building
    © the outside dimensions of the building
    (D) the size of the lot in s