How about this pool Nick?

Let’s make it a big one. and a tough one. New Year’s Day. 6 bowl games. Plenty of notice, plenty of options. NOBODY SHOULD POST UNTIL NICK SAYS THIS IS APPROVED.

Every vendor in NACHI will have the opportunity to find this thread and consider making a most generous donation to start the year off right for some lucky person.

So how about:

Outback Bowl, Wisconsin v Tennessee 11:00am
Cotton Bowl, Missouri v Arkansas 11:30am
Gator Bowl, Texas Tech v Virginia 1:00pm
Capitol 1 Bowl, Michigan v Florida 1:0pm
Rose Bowl, USC v Illinois 4:30pm
Sugar Bowl, Hawaii v Georgia 8:30pm

Pick all the winners and the total points scored in all 6 games. But to make it easier to track, once you post, no changes or edits. With this much time, there will be well over 100+ members making their best guesses.

NOBODY SHOULD POST UNTIL NICK SAYS THIS IS APPROVED. Too make sure that nobody gets a head start, Posts cannot be made prior to December 10 at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Any posts prior to that date and time will be ignored.

aw c’mon

Sounds good to me. ON WISCONSIN!!!

Gee, I guess someone doesn’t like football pools. I even put it in the miscellaneous thread “Where you discuss whatever you wish in this forum”.

How about this pool Nick? 12/5/07 2:45 AM nothing to do with home inspections

Another nameless coward with a red box.

Best spot for it, same location that Nick start 'em in, right! Difficult to parlay into a winner, tough picking, kind of like powerball.


But it has something to do wit inspectors, not to mention fun! Don’t let it bother you Stephen, it’s just someone with nothing to offer, I like it. Ken

If we get enough vendors to donate, how about a pool for each bowl.
You could only win one. More winners…more happy inspectors… :smiley: