How about this wet basement haha wood support in water, etc another joke!

1:30 hahaha

hey lady, water is coming through the dang walls and whoever you hired (ryan i guess( to patch, tuckpoint shtt on the inside doesn’t stop the water from coming through multiple openings on the OUTSIDE!!! smgdh

i mean one could highlight the entire video

3:45 what ya mean ya don’t see… the wood is wet,blocks etc are wet!


5:35 she says, ‘It’s dry over here’, hahahahahaaa, Maam stop bs’g yourself, you have problems that are NOT going away until you find n hire someone who is honest AND knows wtf they’re doing! You don’t and apparently your guy Ryan doesn’t either. Sometimes one must spend thousands in order to fix all the dang problems that were allowed to get worse over the years, yeah that’s right, you gotta spend some MONEY honey!

same house, just found these beauties… Lady, fix this crap b 4 your $25,000 whatever house is worth zero, hate to say it but its true.

LISTEN… :09 mark, not kidding… did she FART???

Bubba thinks she farted

this place need LOTS of help $$$$ , it has needed lots of help for… a loooong time.

Yeah, she fkg farted man