How big is big

Where do you draw the line as to commercial building sizes when performing inspections. I feel comfortable up to about 200 K sq feet performing the inspection by my self electrical, HVAC, plumbing, structural. Yeah I know NACHI recommends sub out most of the inspection but why do it if you can perform it your self makes not a lot of sense to me to pay someone else to do what I can do. Just takes a little longer.

This falls back to being a generalist home inspector and the amount of education you as the inspector has aquired. If you just call yourself a generalist you probally should stay away from even the smaller commercials 40K to 80K.

The phone call I had his morning from a potiental client got me to thinking about what he said. He was inquiring about a commercial inspection and the first thing he wanted to know was not the price but was I able to do the complete inspection without subs. If you know anything about me you know the answer to his question.

I love big warehouses. They seem big to the client but they’re mostly empty space. I’d rather inspect a huge warehouse than an old farm house any day… and of course I like the fee a lot more too.

I like um all I looked from google earth at this one today has 10 A/C units on the roof easy work package units. I had a church once that had 19 split system A/C units and the air handlers were two furnaces connected to one plenum for a total of 38 furnaces took me 3 days but good money

I just booked a 12k warehouse up in Kansas for tomorrow seem the inspectors in Kansas don’t walk the roofs so they call me;-)

Just did a 270,000 sq ft - don’t be afraid, just do it.

Exactly. If you’re worried just document everything you see with your camera and sort it all out after. Some of them can be a tall order, but be methodical, take your time, be safe and have a few good pros you can call for advice when youre getting your report together. I beleive Henry Ford said that the greatest suprise you can have is when you achieve something you though you never could before. I assume he too was talking about the money :wink: