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I find it appropriate that the host of that video is “LivingOnPlanetZ”, for it certainly isn’t planet Earth that his brain dwells on …

Which is imploding faster… The economy or John McCain’s Campaign? :?:

The latter but not by much. :wink:

I have a video that will help you learn to like Obama.

Please watch and listen.

So how was Houston and the disaster inspection experience? Obviously you survived.

I only stayed in Houston for three days, before they sent me to New Orleans. It was kind of rough at first, but got smoother as time went by, I made a few thousand dollars, but I got real sick and had to come home, I passed out 3 times, the last time for over 3 hours, so my wife insisted I come back and go to the Dr. There wasn’t much damage in Houston, that I saw, and in N.O. I hardly saw any at all, out of 62 inspections, only 4 were legitimate, the rest were people on the take, and according to other inspectors, it was the same for them. My favorite was a guy who wanted Fema to buy him a new Dodge Charger, he said lighting flashed and scared him, which caused him to jump the curb and bend his frame, the apartment he said he lived in was not his, and all of his paper work was forged, on his Driver’s license, the laminate was not even glued down on one corner, and the picture was someone else, he said it did not look like him because of his gold teeth. Another inspector had already turned him down, so Fema requested that I treat his inspection like it was the first one, after I turned him down, Fema sent it back to me and requested that I treat it as the original, except to change the address to somewhere else, so we came to the conclusion that he had someone on the inside at Fema. I refused to do it, so I don’t know how it ended up. There is good money to be made, after you get in the swing of things. There 1000 inspectors in Houston, but most dropped out after they got their advance checks. There were 99,000 claims before they even allowed people to return to Galveston, so there will be work for months to come, I hope to go back, if I am able. Thanks