How bout dem clips?!

First time I have seen this before, you think this is what the engineers had in mind when designing this truss system? Lol:)

if by engineer you mean Billy Bob buying a few cases of beer and inviting his buddies over, then YES

Ain’t no truss detail that was on a plan for that crap system in those photos. Was this part of the hip ridge?

Yeah in the front of the home, above garage. Built in 1987

My thoughts exactly!
And,:smiley: they thought it was over engineered.

The OIR would rate it higher than toe nails !

If I’m guessing correctly the pictures are depicting the top cord connection of jack trusses on a hip roof. If that is the case the required connection that would have been called out by the design engineer would have been between two and four toe nails dependent on which wind zone the structure is located.
I have never seen an engineered plan that required a hardware top cord attachment for a jack truss unless it were a corner jack that has jack trusses attached to it