How can I change my name as it appears?

I went to the control panel and could not figure it out. I want to change from Michael J. Meeker to Michael J. Meeker, CGC, CMI to show my achievements. :smiley:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mike and Congratulations.

Click on little bust in upper right hand corner of this page and log in with your user name and password. Click on edit profile. Go down to suffixes and add what you want.

Thanks and thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll try now.

Not sure what I did wrong. I had something there previously and it did not show before now I changed it to CGC, CMI on the suffix area and save it and it said successful but it is not showing up. Any ideas why?

Try logging out and back in again.

Or Refresh (F5).

At the bottom of this page:

…you have to:

      Confirm and Submit

         In order   to make these changes you must provide your existing InterNACHI password.
         **Your Existing InterNACHI Password:**

I tried and it did not work

I tried and it did not work

See post # 7…

I did all the above and it said I was succesful but still did not work :frowning:

Please keep advice coming but I am going to bed for the night. Thanks for all the help. I will try again tomorrow.

Good night and good luck…:slight_smile:

Heck, he may wake up being a CMI…

Congratulations Michael!

Thanks Marcel, tiss a shame what a bunch of wannabes have said in my thread about my accomplishment and what the conversation has been reduced to. Even a fellow CMI is making unfounded accusations and trying to reduce his and our accomplishments to gimmickry. I mean it is not like it is just a NACHI board it is open to anyone,

No luck still just plain ole me. It has been good enough for all these years I guess I’ll just stay me unless I get some tip I have not tried :slight_smile: Thanks to all who tried to help so far. I will try anything anyone posts except witchcraft.

Maybe it will only take one suffix. Have you tried that?

Do you me what is below or did I miss something else? I believe I did what was below and it was confirmed and it shows the suffixes their on my info just not in the forum?

Confirm and Submit
In order to make these changes you must provide your existing InterNACHI password.
Your Existing InterNACHI Password:

See it says I did it but still no change?

You can only put CMI in there Michael.

I shall try right now :slight_smile:

Larry and Kevin were both right. Somehow I missed your suggestion earlier Larry.

Thanks to all for the help :slight_smile: