How can I Compete with that?!

Unfortunately that does not sound like doing business that sounds like desparate for some businsess. It is these guys who do not realize the value of their service or the cost of doing business. And it is these guys who lower the bar, probably won’t be ere a year from now, and then we are left to pick up the pieces because Mr. $179 home inspector did a crappy inspection and now Joe consumer thinks home inspectors are a waste of $$. You should invite Mr. $179 to come and join us.

Same old song and dance, Imfinding out early. Whats up with the LOW BALLING. We must keep up the standard we owe that to ourselves and the clients we serve…

I’m finding that the low-ballers are inspectors who just watched a tv commercial and got the idea to inspect homes. They don’t have any real connection to the industry, no passion for it, no personal experience that ties them emotionally to the value of the profession. They’re fly-by-night people who try that this year, this the next, and something else the next year. (Or less).

If someone advertises they do a 400 pt inspection at a ridiculously low price, then one has to wonder about the quality of that person’s work, and if they are even hitting all 400 pts.

I truly appreciate the support of my fellow inspectors, and feel confident to stand my ground and maintain my prices, thanks guys, & gal :)! I guess the bummer about the lowball competition is that he IS a NACHI inspector. As I determined to bring integrity to the industry, (especially after juts buying a home and recieving a botched inspection which will cost us thousands to deal with) I will continue to maintain the greatest insudtry standards regardless of the competitions path.

I have to admit my shame…as a favor to my wife and her friend a mortgage broker, I am about to join the ranks of the sub-$200 inspector. (Condo only though! :cool: )

One inspection only and not my usual full-service inspection, so why do I feel so dirty?

Actually you are saving more money that way. If you don’t listen to your wife You Will Pay. So don’t feel bad on that one

Just how much do you need to make?

I make a good living. I am personally not intereseted in the HIGH END homes. Those clients tend to be a little more self-important than I like. They are no better than me, but seem to think so.

I like the lower end homes. More interesting people to me. Not cut throat or sue happy, people that you can laugh and joke with, have fun while inspecting and I REALLY feel like I am CONTRIBUTING to making it a safer place for themsevles and their family. After the inspection and they move in they call to ask advice, which I freely give to them.

I inspect alot of HUD’s, Bank Owned, and Short Sales. LOTS, I turn away business in the summer months and have for years. Only so much daylight you know. And you know why I have been told, I DON’T gouge them, I charge a fair price, I don’t try to sell them anything, I am free with my advice.

I fault no one for the price they charge. If they can do a good a job for their clientele and their clients are happy then I encourage them instead of belittling them. Not everyone wants a $300-$500 inspection and not everyone can afford one either.

Well, I think everyone has their niche’ that they focus on to market to.

I have worsening health issues. It takes me a few days to recover from just one inspection, or a major outing doing errands for that matter. I ended up in the hospital after the last one. So doing fewer, higher priced inspections works for me. I’d be happy to do more of them if they didn’t take so much out of me, mostly the driving is the problem, it’s painful and worse.

I agree that people who can’t afford the higher priced inspections need and deserve an inspection they can afford. I just can’t be the one to provide it.

Wendy I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I wish you all the best.

Hang in there Wendy…

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

See this comparison. Specific to Illinois, but feel free to copy it and change it to the specific conditions in your area.

Hope this helps;