How can I sell a seller a HI?

A lady down the road from me wants to sell her house, She thinks the HI is for the buyer. What would be a few strong points I can throw at her to sell her the Sellers Inspection?

Thanks James I was looking for something to read up on but I couldn’t find nothing thanks alot

In particular, this page lists those talking points:

I am able to sell my LIST inspections because I realize that about half of the time required to do a home inspection is simply documenting the type of property, a task that interests the Seller not at all because, well, s/he is selling!

For example, I don’t note that the driveway is concrete, the walkways are concrete, the exterior is stucco, the roof is composition, the plumbing is copper, the sewer is plastic, the windows are single pane, etc. I only note whether things are or are not working, are holding up under our 11 months of sunshine, etc.

A BASIC buyer’s inspection on a 1,750-SF home would be $599. A LIST inspection on the same home would be $299. My goal in my business is always to make a minimum of $100 an hour. I’m quite successful at doing that, which tells you that I spend about 6 hours on the inspection, report, and drive time for a BASIC inspection and about 3 hours on the same stuff for a LIST inspection. Sellers appreciate it.

with never had done a fee paid inspection so no experience with a client, is the seller a less threat to me than a buyer would be, not that I plan on missing something or making a mistake.

Your Client, Seller or Buyer, is always a threat to you. Some would argue that the Seller is a greater threat because you might miss something that the Buyer’s inspector then finds. However, I always tell my selling Clients that I will be there for them until close of escrow. They appreciate having a home inspector on their side during the negotiations because too often the Buyer’s home inspector is thought to be right all the time, especially if s/he is the only home inspector involved. Such is not always the case.