How Cold is too Cold?

The weather today is -35C (-31F) with the wind chill. At what point is it too cold to complete a full inspection of the exterior. I have poor cirulation in my hands and after just a few minutes with no gloves on (taking pictures, notes, poking at things ect.) my hands physically hurt.

At what point can you say “There is a frost bite warning and it is unsafe to perfrom a full inspection.”?

For the past few years I try on these cold days to do part of the exterior then go in and take notes, and repeat that process. That is probably what I will do again today. I just thought I would see how others do it. Thanks

It’s so cold here I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant.

I worked one time at -50 . no one felt sorry for me as they looked outside . lol
How ever i do not worry about that now in the balmy south at 24f today

Maybe use a voice recorder so you can still wear gloves.

Most smart phones have apps for that.

Leave your vehicle running or keep going inside & take breaks to warm up. Take pics ( 1 or 2 sides at a time) then go inside and play them back & document info accordingly. Inform everyone that it’s going to take longer. Not everyday is going to be ideal conditions, its part of the job…deal with it. If this job were easy, everyone would be doing it.
If the entire winter was sub-zero temps would you cancel all of your inspections for 2 or 3 months?

Any time you as the Inspector feel that the conditions are unsafe, you can alter the inspection. The decision is yours - you are the one outside in the cold (or whatever).
Most Home Inspectors don’t get sick pay, or workman’s comp. Personally, I won’t risk my health, safety, or future income by trying to be a hero. Try to do a thorough inspection without any foolish risks. JMHO.

Timothy the answer to that is simple when your camera will not take a picture it is best that you go in and get warm. Try it sometime.:mrgreen:

I have had my camera refuse to turn on in the cold…

Anything much below 40F for me is too cold.:smiley: The other week I actually had to wear a jacket!

I feel for you folks stuck up there in the frozen north.

At 40 F I used to go out and cut wood in a t-shirt.

It has been really cold here for the last month. It was -37 here yesterday with the wind. On my morning inspection I arrived early, inspected the front and one side before going back to the truck to warm up a few minutes. I then went back out and finished the back and the other side. The client showed up just as I finished so into the home we went. On my afternoon inspection I was able to get three sides done before freezing up. I warmed up in the house this time and then finished the exterior at the end of the inspection. To me it depends on you and how you feel. I have always worked in the cold so it doesn’t affect me like someone that has always had an office job. Last year I did an inspection in a blizzard. I got the exterior done and when I went into the house the power was out because of the storm. Had to come back the next day to finish. I still kick myself for that!!!

I used to install Oil tanks and you know it is cold when you take the pipe dope out set it beside the tank and can’t use it after about one minute. I do not miss this work for sure and I have the scars to prove how hard it is in 30 below.:frowning:

I wasn’t happy about the 20 degree temps this morning, so I guess I don’t have it to bad. I don’t know how you northerners do it.

My crawlspace shoes got a bit damp a couple of inspections ago, they were solid as a rock when they came out of my truck box this morning.

I feel sorry for you guys up north
When it gets cold here and I have to put on two pairs of shorts I do the roof then go warn up then do the rest

Only 2 things come from The cold north . Hockey players and Hookers . So what position did you guys play lollolol ( i was being polite and changed this saying btw .)

Well, let’s see, I never played Hockey, so that would mean, ah ah never mind…:wink:

Was -36 C in Bracebridge this morning. I wore my Milwaukee 12v heated jacket I got for Christmas. Warm as toast. :slight_smile:

ah the memories i have tried to forget Life in the north. lol

Chris when your jacket has to have batteries, it’s too dang cold :slight_smile:

Latex then jersey gloves work wonders…

And so do these