How could someone write this

[FONT=Arial] The following was taken from a sample report online. No recommendations, no nothing except monitor for damage or possibly water intrusion. What was this guy thinking. And where did he get his training. If this is the type of inspector we are putting out there, our industry is in big trouble

"There were signs of paint and drywall cracking on the
ceiling. The area was tested with a moisture meter at the time
of the inspection and showed high moisture. This should be
monitored for further damage or possibly water intrusion".

What would you state! That ain’t all bad.
Recommendations ! What would yours be…Carry an umbrella!
We just state the facts we don’t have to give any… any recommendations.

IMO “monitored” was a very poor choice.

Monitored is OK !
Since you have an issue with the word Monitored .
What would be your correct verb!
I’m waiting!!!

Agree with Chris, monitor is a poor choice of words for a professional Inspector.
You are there to evaluate the condition of the property, so describe the problem and the assesment.

Well! Smarty pants what verb would you use!
Do you actually know what the word means?
I use it when it is appropriate. Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
I’m waiting on a better verb! Guppies!

It’s a soft way of saying *“The ceiling is wet. Have the source of water identified and repaired by a qualified contractor.” *

**61-30.801 Standards of Practice, General.
(6) The inspector shall make recommendations for correction and/or monitoring, or further evaluation of the deficiencies that the inspector observed.

Its stated in our State standards in black and white.

How can you tell someone something is leaking, or wet, and not recommend that it be repaired. I await your answer

Its not even that. He never even recommended that it be repaired.

In this case when inspector observed, “tested with a moisture meter at the time** of the inspection and showed high moisture”, **it’s past the monitoring stage.

What is the client supposed to do, wait for a heavy rain and “monitor” the ceiling falling in?

It’s time for further investigation and corrective repairs by a qualified person.

Monitor has its place,

I can see your report now refer this, refer that refer, refer …on and on .
Shows you ain’t worth it.
Any 7th grader can refer! Huh ! Mr. Liberal!

A home inspector points out material defects and recommends that they be repaired/replaced by qualified people.

How does one “monitor” a defect in a home that they have not bought and do not live in?

So! Bushart !
If you find ceiling stains who do you refer them to? Huh?

Who is that person… be careful here.
Who are you going to refer them to…Huh?

Monitor should only be used for a dry stain or a small crack, etc. When the inspector notes the area is WET, it’s time to “refer, refer, refer”.:stuck_out_tongue: I use the term “defer” myself.:cool:

I don’t refer them to anyone.

When I found a wet ceiling … I recommended that the source of the water be identified and repaired by a contractor of their choice. That is what you do with wet ceilings.

Your a great help! Yep! I want you to do an inspect for me.
You have been over in Gibsonton at the Showntown bar too much!
If you find a ceiling stain do you try to figure out the source…Yes or No will be a find answer.

I never use the word “refer”. I recommend corrective repairs by a Qualified Person.

Did you?

If you did, you didn’t put it in your report.

I would have sought the source and included it so that I could be more specific as to what kind of contractor would be needed?

Was the ceiling wet because of an HVAC unit in the attic leaking condensation? Was there a hole in the roof? Was it under an area that was improperly flashed? Was there mold in the attic, wet insulation, rotted framing?

In this case, you (or whoever the inspector was) failed to report it. Accordingly, finding the source of the leak would be left up to the contractor hired to make the repair, IMO.

Thank you Mr. Bushart .
That is what I wanted to hear.
I did a dwelling just the other day with stains on the ceiling …and as you alluded to it wasn’t the roofing, it was leaking ac duct.
Good man!
I may get to like you after all!
Just Jokin’ !