How did you choose a school/training?

I’ve done a fair amount of research and I think I have settled on Real Estate Training Systems in Arlington for my training, But there’s the old saying of “I don’t know what I don’t know” so I find myself less than 100% comfortable investing my money and future career with these guys. I’m not saying that anything looks or sounds shady, it’s just the fact that I’m still very green and don’t know if I’m making a good decision.

I guess my question is if y’all were in my shoes, would you feel confident in choosing this school?

John, ask the school if they can give you a list of previous students, then call them up and ask them if they’d talk about the school to you…

I have to say I took my “training” at a comm. college and the teacher sucked!
Did’nt even complete the coursework cuz he prattled on so much.

I’ve learned much more from this MB and Nachi courses.


John, I take it you are in Texas. Perhaps re-post your question in our Texas forum so that our Texas members will find it and offer their opinions.

Here is the TX forum:

The best school is here at, you just need to learn the laws for Texas Home Inspectors, that shouldn’t be hard at any school.