How do I attack more business?

Fellow NACHI Inspectors:
I received my KY license back in December of 2013. I have been busy meeting with realtors and loan officers to promote my new business. I have a website. I’m listed on Angie’s List. What have some of you done that has brought you business at a substantial rate. I’d be happy with three or four inspections a week right now.

Darrell Wallace
KY HI-4057

Darrell… are you an InterNachi Member? You are not showing as one. With due respect, you likely will not receive many suggestions until you become a member. You know… trade secrets and all! :wink:

I would change the thread title.

You should never “attack” business, but approach methodically and purposefully. :|.)

It will be harder to be successful without being an InterNACHI member. You can get lots of education credits, and even more education from the experienced members here…

Also, if you just Started 4 months ago, it just takes time (I know-you here that a lot), but it took about a year for me to get busy enough to make a living at it.

He is not A Nachi member but does advertise NACHI $10,000;00 Guarantee .
Strange why he puts that in his web site

Darrell’s website says he’s InterNACHI Certifed with the logo but the logo doesn’t click to anywhere: . It helps to have the logo click to your membership status. I can’t remember how to do it but maybe someone will be along to help further.

Darrell’s website is listed on inspectorseek, pretty sure he’s a member if listed, no??

There is a marketing section to peruse through in members only Darrell. Also…

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Try the “Marketing” thread Darrell.

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Hello Darrell
I got my NY license in June 2013 and I visit realtors, have a website, joined NACHI and ASHI and I’m waiting patiently for things to happen too. It’s starting to pick up for me. Don’t give up, it will happen with patience and perseverance.

Yes, I am a member. NACHI13120910
I mistakenly typed the word “attack” instead of “attract” in my thread, which is what I meant. Thanks for the replies.

I meant “attract business.” Typo

Darrell, log into the message board first, then I’ll help you.

Press flesh and kiss babies. (Cliche)
Be honest, Keep learning, Treat every inspection as if it was you buying it.
If you don’t know …admit it. That way you will learn at a faster rate.
“I DON’T KNOW” is very hard for some to admit, but it will show integrity…Yep!

You should not be waiting patiently for it to happen or it never will. Think of yourself as a starving man with six kids. What would you do to make sure there was an income in the field you are working in. Would you wait patiently or would you knock on every door looking to get that one job. When you are not busy inspecting you need to be marketing. I still go out every week and talk to as many people as I can. I have talked to lawyers, appraisers, real estate agents, mortgage reps… you need to think of people that can give someone your card or brochure that may call you for your services. The first year I was inspecting I did 140 inspections. Not bad but I wanted more. The second year I did 225. Still not bad but wanted more. Just finished my 4th year and inspected 385 homes and a bunch of commercial building. I am not telling you this to gloat. I am telling you this because I still want more. When I am not inspecting I spend about half an hour looking at the real estate web sites to see if there are any new realtors that I have not met. When I find one she/he gets a call and I set up a meeting to introduce myself. I stop it at the banks and speak with mortgage reps and loan officers. Get out there and make the phone ring. Sitting on your butt and starring at it does not get the job done.

Greg, You are right. My wife has been saying the same thing. Thanks for the advice.

whats your back ground? pick up whatever jobs you can to survive while you build a reputation. It takes time for seasoned agents to trust you not to screw their business up