How do I find a Fla. Inspector?it's


How to I sort through 3,174 NACHI home inspectors in Florida?

I have a client that needs a multiplex unit inspected in Sarasota Florida and is building a house there as well.

I have worked with this client for several years. He is extremely peculiar, does not have money problems, does not want to get stuck with another problem like he has had in the past and knows more about home inspection than most home inspectors.

He has generated numerous referrals on other jobs in Nashville for me.

I went to inspector locator and I couldn’t even find Greg Bell!

A large majority of those listed in inspector locator don’t even call themselves home inspectors!

About 1000 of them are totally inactive on this site.

You need to find some way to sort out that mess in Florida. List the inspectors by longevity with NACHI, their activity/education through NACHI or something!

If I can’t find what I’m looking for, nobody else out there is either.

Any home inspector that thinks they have exceptional people skills, patience and the ability to perform above the average home inspector, feel free to reply here and I will take a look at your profile.

I like your post!

I don’t service Sarasota, sorry. List by education, experience, time in buisiness? ROTFLMAO… not going to happen violates the first rule of get as many as you can role model for INACHI.:twisted:


:mrgreen:You are correct sir.

Why don’t you just hire a Florida CMI?

Amazing how many CMI’s don’t have websites. It should be a requirement for CMI’s for the very reason David started this thread.

I’m not trying to belittle any of you (as many of you may take it), I want a search ability so I can wade through the 4,000 inspectors in Florida that have what I am looking for (and in this case, “my client” is looking for).

I search Sarasota, which is the best I can do, up pops up several THOUSAND hits and when I go to the web sites (if there are any) there isn’t the information there either.

And as I posted, I look for lead lines and half of them are “Contractors”.
Isn’t there something in that screwed up Fla HI Law that says you don’t combine HI and contracting. As far as I am concerned, the two being on the same page IS wrong…

Why do I have to go through to Page# 15 to find Greg?
He should be at the top of some searchable list…

Linas, THANKS!
Now I have to clean Snot off my computer screens!

You really shouldn’t be letting Linas that close to Your computer Dave…

Yea, I guess!

Which one?
…One that paid $300 or one that paid a $1,000?

Fackler Home inspections since 1998 service this area and have extensive experience in mutible unit / complexes with referances . Dennis is the current local chapter president and Zoe is Florida State chapter president. Call for phone interview (813) 677-9287
Ask for Zoe or Dennis.

David, you are welcome to review my qualifications. We work with alot of particular clientele with wealth and/or knowledge. My only caveat is, my assistant inspector is off on vacation all next week and we are booked through Thursday already.

On another note, David is correct, trying to find actual real inspectors using the search is a nightmare. Welcome to Florida I guess??

I bet they found a inspector after two years.

I was thinking the same thing Greg!


I agree that finding an inspector is a nightmare. I do not show up on any searches. I signed up for the SEO on nachi and am still not found. 53 visits to mt website since last month and only about 7 were from nachi sites. And only after I posted my grand opening on the forum.

It takes a good while for organic searches to kick in Andrew. Search the forum for SEO tips as well. It’s been very well documented. Dominic from HomeInspector Pro (software-HIP) has also spoken and written extensively on the subject. Also within this same message board, Kate Tarasenko from Internachi has a thread where she’ll review your webpage and provide you with good tips and suggestions for improvement. I’m far from being an example of good SEO but have been here for quite some time and am constantly learning. Give it some time and at the same time, try and apply some of the great tips given by others here.


you think?