How do I get my foot in the door?

Ok, NAP name address phone number. Thanks Stephen that makes a lot more sense. I didn’t realize people were responding to NAP when they said name address phone number I thought they were talking about my signature on this forum.

I have “NAP”:wink: at the footer of every page and on the header of my home page. Is there somewhere else I should put it?

Maybe on a website that is working? I get nothing when clicking on your link. It says Server Not Found.

Yes indeed.

This site?

If I am getting bad links it is because that is what you are providing Dale.
Now it is different again with no content past a super wide format template that looks like a Report Host report and hard to look at .

I did put the wrong address on my signature. It is

So I have my website up and the correct address. I also posted my flyer in a previous post. Is there anything major wrong with it?

Your site looks nice, but the wording is too much like 10000 other inspectors sites. Everyone knows that they are making the biggest purchase of their life. They are looking for why they should hire you over anyone else. And you only have 3-5 seconds to tell them why.

Watch Ben Gromicko’s videos on the Nachi youtube channel on how to build an effective home inspector web site. They are very helpful.

Best, Mark

Travis, Your site grabs the attention pretty quick. I’ll have to come up with something like that. I’ll also watch the videos Ben Gromicko has.

I made a new business card. I haven’t printed it yet. Wanted to put it out there to see what you all think.

Travis, Your pictures are great too. Did you get the done professionally? Did you have to do them in front of a green screen to get them in your header image? I like having the family on there, it makes it more personal. My wife is against it. I’m going to show her your site to see if it can make her change her mind.

I like it but maybe change it to InterNachi certified.
Otherwise it makes more sense to reduce the logo for Nachi and put it next to certified upper right.
Make the phone number a little bigger .Possibly put the phone under your name.
Just thoughts .

Scrap it!
Dump the Nachi logo’s. This is all about you, not Nachi.
Drop your logo to where Nachi logos are (change background color of course). Your name and (larger) telephone number across the top. License number moved to down below. It is a waste of space (but required).

Start there and see what you got.

Ok, I’ll play around with those suggestions tonight. My first business card didn’t have any logos. I thought that was a detriment to me. I was figuring the Nachi logos would make look more solid.

I would get rid of the Nachi logos, then, make your logo larger and center it. You don’t need the company name under your name…we already saw that with your logo. :slight_smile:
Move your name and everything down and center that as well. Get rid of the phone, email, and internet graphics.

When you hand someone your business card, you want them to see 2 things, your company name and your name, and you want them to see them quickly. You also want your card to be succinct.
They will get to the rest of the information at a later date.

Now, if you want to add certifications,license number, and other things, there is another side to the card,the back, use that.
Double-sided printing isn’t that much more expensive to do.

If you look at my signature, that is actually part of the design of my business card.

The reason I put the business name again is because my logo doesn’t have LLC on it. I need to have the LLC on there. I don’t want to have the logo remade just to add the LLC and it doesn’t look good with the LLC

Dale, you can use InterNACHI’s logo & card design service. Not that you logo isn’t good but they also make a mean logo and they’ll do all the card design. Logo is free and the cards are inexpensive & on good heavy stock. Designing a business card is like making pizza. Everyone can do it but only certain people can do it well.

That is some good advice…