How do I report this?

This is roof top of storage building of multi-family dwelling =< 4 units. I’m not sure how to report this.

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So what is the concern? Clearance? Report clearance issue.

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What are you trying to report? A defect? A style or material?

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just by looking at it, is anything wrong with this?

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Looks like a drone photo. Have any other angles?

no, I was on balcony.

Ok, looks pretty clean to me. Without other angles I cannot confirm any potential concerns such clearance concerns, drip loops or if this guy wire is in contact with the service wires.

Im not sure anyone can help You from that picture…what was Your concern ?


Connecting other auxiliary or communication cable may not be allowed, I am not 100% sure (only 99.9%). Hopefully someone has time to confirm.


Refer to an licensed electrical contractor due to poor masthead and drip loop orientation.
Or, Incorrect masthead and drip loop orientation. Or, Recommend a licensed electrical contractor improve masthead and drop loop orientation. Or… Hope you get the drift:-)

and it looks like its zip tied to the mast . How secure could that be? With a bent nail attaching the two?

It looks like a guy wire cable to me.

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was referring to brian’s post about the auxiliary cable

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It looks like rain water could run into at least one of the mast heads. In any event, when in doubt, say something like unprofessional installation may have hidden defects and recommend an electrician to evaluate and correct, if necessary. I know that a few HIs think we should spell out the repair, but I disagree with that.



I think a few posters are dreaming up problems. FROM THE PHOTO…what can be verified?

We cannot verify any clearance issues.
We cannot verify drip loop configuration.

We can verify communication cable is attached to the mast which is a no-no.


Thank y’all for your comments. I apologize for being absent from the conversation. My concern is the shingle exposure. You can clearly. see the top end of gravel and also the top of the cutout which should never be exposed. Does anyone else see what I’m saying?

So you post a picture of an electrical mast. I ask you for clarification, vague answer again.

And now you say the post was about shingles?

I’m out.


They’re designed that way.