How do I start??

Just to clarify…

NACBI was started by Dale and is run by him and I along with the other members. John Bowman does not run the organization and is no longer the Executive Director.

We do not consider ourselves as a competing organization with NACHI as the focus of each organization is completely different.

I am sorry if you think there is a change in attitude lately. I do not post on the board as much as I used to in the past. When I do post, it is usually to answer something that I specialize in such as environmental work, thermal imaging, or commercial properties. Every once in a while though, I see something on a post that just doesn’t come across right and express my opinion until it is better clarified.

Since Nick replied back that his additional comment was not directed towards Jim Seffrin or Infraspection Institute directly, the point has been clarified and doesn’t warrant further discussion.

Hope that clears everything up.

Thanks everyone for all your help. Thanks John for spending 45 minutes on the phone with me today! You answered alot of my questions and I am looking forward to taking your class. Nick that’s a lot of info and I will try to get through it as quick as I can. NACHI has been a great resource for me over the years…keep it up!

This is what I was poking fun at I don’t normally get involved in a pissing contest unless Bushy is involved but I just felt like it today am I not allowed. I would have sworn John was your Vendor

Read requirement #12 of You can use Infraspection’s course to get Infrared Certified.

Hey lets not go throwing stones. I personally like reading Dales and Scotts posts, actually look forward to reading theirs and others posts. Lets not run knowledge off and instead embrace it.

Why was NACBI formed? I don’t know. But I have been on their message board and it appears to be very professionally ran and with a ton of help and input to all. I just hope this doesn’t get into a peeing contest. I like those guys and learn alot from them and don’t want them to leave like most experienced ones have. Hell there are only about 25 people that post on a regular basis! Lets not watch the numbers go down!

I only visited your organization’s message board one time and did not bother to post because unkind remarks made about NACHI. Nobody at NACHI has ever talked bad about your organization before the message board posts started. Practicing what you preach would be a great help.:shock:

I for one would like to see where NACHI (specifically) was ever mentioned on that board…

Just because they do not tolerate the likes of Joey, or copyright violators…

I guess you just belong HERE James.

If a few comments alluding to this place pisses you off, you need to take a good look at the crap that flows through HERE.

In spite of it all, many still try to bite their lip and co-exist.
Try it some time…

I never mentioned NACBI (specially), so you should not be pissed then. Lets not play games!

Who is “Joey?”

I assumed Burkenson. I know from seeing a thread that for some reason they did not care for Russell.

This whole argument reminds me of many years ago, NACHI being bashed by A$HI members on this board and the full blooded NACHI members spoke up against it and got criticized for doing so. They started the **** and as far as I am concerned they need to watch what they say when they are here at NACHI.

LOL! Ya don’t say.

Don’t know, several Joey’s on this board.

I personally would welcome anyone on the other board don’t see this as one Org against the other The other board we are like brothers helping one another no bickering no back stabbing. Someone needs help or advice its there. When someone starts a good fight on this board just look at the views it attracts like Bees to honey and sometimes goes on for days just nonsense like little school girls and yes when it comes to Bushy I am as guilty as anyone

You don’t need to feel guilty…there’s usually good reason to comment!!!

If you want to start doing commercial imaging of roofs for moisture I recommend you purchase ASTM C 1153-97 and read it several times.
Commercial building owners here in AZ want scans that follow this
standard and it also requires core samples for verification. If the building owner doesn’t have someone to do it you will have to bring in someone and factor the cost into your quote.

James that is Ok with me. They still have a ton of info to offer and are very well versed and knowledgable in their perspective areas. Whether they like me or not does not change that.

I don’t recall anyone saying they did not like someone in the open forum

Charley, its all good. I respect a person based on their merits, not if they like me or not. I respect Nick and what he has accomplished. Good guy, just because I do not see eye to eye on everything does not make him bad…just we don’t see eye to eye, plain and simple.

Exactly, because we don’t.

We do inspections everyday, no time for calling people names or staring at messages boards all day.

I have the highest regard for Russ, he is one of the FEW on this MB who does make sense…!

Fell Asleep … Woke Up and Got Lost in The Post.

Who is Joey?

What Russell don’t WE Like / Russel Hemsel Or Russel at Home Gauge OR some other Russel. I can’t keep up with who we’re supposed to have a grudge against if we don’t have a more detailed program outline.

Please Help / It gets too confusing for us older guys to follow.