How do I start??

I thought Scott was the Vice President of NACHI. What happened to that? Did we take over Castro and replace the ESOP as well? Just messing guys. Most will have a smile over that statement if they knew me when I first joined NACHI. :wink:

Same here! I’ll second that.

James, so your saying that we must be moderated about what we say?!

With all the crap on this board, we have to watch what “we” say?!
Come on! Get real…

As you know this is HI “fantasyland” for newbies- Nick’s never ending $$$$$ flow. Everyone can be a successful HI for cheap…if you believe everything you read here!!

I am just saying you guys are trying to employ a double standard. You guys accuse NACHI of bashing on their message board but when I spent a whole 10 minutes on the other message board, I found those members bashing. I am just pointing out the obvious. I really get sick of the pot calling the kettle black.-X

Then why did you not stop Russ from the onslot of attacks on your message board?

I am just saying that we should not allow them to look down on us on our own message board. You, I and most members respect each other from the veterans to the newbies. Dale’s attitiude has really sucked towards NACHI and most of its members lately, so somebody had to speak up.

I think all the Toxic Mold you been sniffing has warped your melon James–:lol:

But I’ve always known you were never the sharpest knife in the drawer—:wink:

Maybe all those Toxic Mold Sandwiches I been eating have warped my melon–:lol:

That’s what it is----:lol:

I agree, Jimmy is one stupid MF:p

I disagree and find Dale to be one of the most helpful members here.
His advice is no nonsense.

He along with many other members simply got sick of the idiots running the asylum.

Dale is not wasting time bashing others politics or religion like some of the in breeders do here.

His approach is successful and should be admired.

I agree

Your use of the words we and they appear to be a separation of membership did someone die and put you in charge of the we and they department. I paid a membership fee in this org just like you did

ANd I thought that “I” was the only one in the “THEY” department!! Hey, Dale, where is that dept. here?

[quote=“dduffy, post:39, topic:59323”]

I have the highest regard for Russ, **he is one of the FEW on this MB who does make sense…!/**quote]

All am I saying is that Dale has a conflict of interest since he runs another organization. He cannot go to his organization and criticize NACHI (he calls the other organization) and then come hear and tell us how bad our organization is. About everybody that has defended Dale (implying he should be allowed to trash NACHI) goes to his message board and (I saw the little time I was there) contribute or let happen this bashing.
If Dale is willing to stop bashing NACHI on this message board, I will let this matter drop. We need objective views on what is best for NACHI, not tainted.

I have seen you having fun down at the NFE section, so how can you make a comment like that?
If you just want to call yourself an in breeder than I am fine with that.

John, Mikey, Joey, Wilson, Chris and so on are members. I have respect for those members, even though I do not agree with those members some times. I am sure they are very good inspectors. Just because they want to release some steam in the NFE does not make them in breeders.

It is the same crap said about John and is home inspector IR course. This is an entry level course. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this course from home inspectors. The criticism is not fair. The same goes for the IAC2. This organization is for the home inspector to take preliminary samples and to perform visual inspections. Nothing more.

Also I strongly believe that NACHI should be allowed to promote itself, its courses, its vendors and its members.

If other members do not agree, than it is my unbias view, not theirs. I am willing to stand behind my views. If supporting NACHI and its members is a bad thing than I am one horrible person.