How do u all do this!

This why is you often see veteran inspectors like myself constantly harping on newbies needing to learn the information, not just memorize what you think will be on the exam so you can pass.
Understanding how something works is extremely important to observe and discover issues.

It absolutely is, and we have all been there!
Know this going in… you will make mistakes, you will miss things, you will, you will, you will!!
The key is to be as best prepared as you can.
Take more photos than you will ever think you need, including one close-up and one overview from further back showing the area of the defect, of all the more complex defects. These photos will help you get assistance on this MB when (not IF) you need help!
ALWAYS looks for writing/printing on anything you come across that you don’t know what it is. More often than not, that itself will hint as to what the item is. Again, a clean photo of the writing will help us to research to help you. Remember, Google is usually your friend!!
Good Luck.