How do u all do this!

Google and YouTube are like Wikipedia. Anyone and everyone can produce “content” whether they know anything about their topic or not.

Being as young as you are don’t be shocked that many people may not trust you to be knowledgeable enough to trust with what is most likely the biggest investment they have ever made.

I personally, and I know opinions very, don’t think you can learn enough from a HI school to be a viable inspector.

Good luck with your pursuit.


You point out the painful truth about this work. It requires a huge knowledge set gained from experience. Do you know exactly where to look to identify weakness or failure in the various home systems? How does an issue in one system effect another system of the home? This is even more complex as homes are built to be more energy efficient, thus much more complicated.

My opinion: I agree, the best home inspector is one who has extensive experience in the construction trades - preferably general contracting. Who would you hire to evaluate a used car you are buying, an experienced mechanic, a car salesman, or someone who took a bunch of classes and passed a test?

Sorry for the downer opinion, but it’s the reality and challenge you are facing.


Many here are from a formal construction backgrounds.
Many here took 3 years to get the business going.
Hang in there.


I agree with u and think, and ur right a screen and letters won’t teach my what dirt and a solid foundation feels like, but luckily for me, my dad is a general contractor and my mom a realtor, in my opinion I think I have the time and contacts to achieve my goal by 25 or so, and I know it’s not ez but I’m willing to put the effort.


Most inspectors have spent half their life in construction before starting in the inspection business. It’s not till recently where new inspectors have never even held a hammer in the life. Inspections come easy to those who spent 20-30 years breaking their backs doing hard labor construction work. I myself would not trust a education only inspector, but that’s just me.
I suggest you go out and get your hands dirty learning the trades, then get into inspections. It would surely be easier that way.


Go get it and good luck!


100% Agree! There’s always more to learn!