how do you charge for an inspection?

Hello all I am just getting into the business and need to know how other inspectors are charging people for an inspection.
Do you charge per hour or do you charge per square foot?:wink:
Thank you

Amy I charge by the square footage. I also charge extra for crawlspaces and age.

(Edit) Sorry, I did not notice that this post is in the Canadian inspectors page. I’m sure some inspectors from closer to where you are from will help you!

Check out my fee structure at

by the pound
in most cases by the sq footage
age can have a bearing on the overall inspection, as can commercial, duplex, triplex, fourplex what the client is looking for also decides what would be charged

thanks for your answers.
If you travel out side where you normally live
how much do you charge for travel?
per km or time ?


Rates are different from city to city. Example is there is a difference of $100.00 from Red Deer to Calgary. Phone some inspectors in your area and find out the rate. Make up that you want an inspection. Listen to how they answer the phone and try to sell themselves. You may want to use their lines. Don’t undercharge or you may not get business because you will be labeled.

I am charging by the KM. 50 cents a km seems to be a good number. Keep in mind that there is alot more costs when you are on the road.

Do you have much competition in your area? If not you might be able to go a little higher. Someone told me that it is easier to start higher than to raise your price later.

Good Luck
Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspections